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Olsson's Transportation practice is dedicated to the planning, design, operation, safety, and mobility of all transportation-related activities. The practice includes engineers, planners, and technicians dedicated to rail and aviation transportation; interstate, highway, roadway, and trail design; traffic improvements and intelligent transportation systems; and the planning of efficient and equitable multimodal transportation networks.

Transportation Services


The Rail team is committed to providing high quality services to successfully complete our clients' projects. Olsson Associates' staff has conducted substantial design work in 26 states for main line, industrial track, and bridges and structures.

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The Traffic/Technology team provides clients with a single resource for such traditional services as traffic operations, pedestrian circulation studies, and intersection improvement/design projects. The team is also proficient in more complex projects, including conducting citywide safety studies, improving signal systems, and evaluating and designing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Olsson Associates maintains large-scale data collection capabilities, as well as state-of-the-art traffic engineering and transportation planning software.

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The Road/Bridge team has the knowledge and experience to design a wide variety of projects, from interstate systems to two-lane rural highways, urban arterial roadways, and trails. Olsson Associates also analyzes situations and develops cost-effective alternatives to design a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing structure. The Road/Bridge team has experience with a wide range of bridge structure types, including steel girders, prestressed concrete girders, and concrete slab bridges.

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Multimodal Transportation

The Multimodal Transportation team is made up of a diverse group of professional engineers and planners who have expertise in all modes of transportation, including cars, trucks, rail, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit. Through innovative practices, the team helps create efficient and equitable transportation networks essential to a vibrant community.

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The Airports team provides airport clients with services in all facets of airport development and construction. Services range from planning, land acquisition, design, construction observation, and testing, to administrative matters, such as funding applications and disadvantaged business enterprise programs.

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