Olsson Associates offers comprehensive engineering and design solutions for public and private infrastructure projects. We specialize in complex projects that involve many disciplines, including field services, environmental resources and compliance, water resources, water and wastewater utility design, transportation, power generation, automation and technology, building systems, and landscape architecture and urban planning.

We have expertise and experience in many different areas, but our mission is simple: to help make the communities we touch healthier, safer, and more prosperous, while sustaining the environmental health of our planet for future generations. Our work almost always involves land, water, air, and life, and working with these essential resources means that we take our responsibilities very seriously. 

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Olsson seeks to understand pharmaceutical hazards in surface waters

Pharmaceuticals have been detected in surface waters around the world. In a 2002 study, researchers sampled 139 U.S. streams and rivers and detected pharmaceuticals in 80 percent of those surface waters.


Heightening the ‘fan experience’ with landscape architecture

When designing a road or a building, it’s critical for engineers to follow industry standards. But beyond the project’s construction, designers should also ask who will be using the project and how their experience can be made even better. 

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