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New Olsson geotechnical office lays the groundwork for Denver aerospace engineering building

Friday, January 15, 2016

Jeff Edson, Geotechnical

Olsson’s new Colorado-based Field Services Practice Group office in Denver is playing a significant role as Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) builds an Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building on its downtown Denver campus. Olsson is providing geotechnical, construction inspection, and testing services along with environmental services on the project. The project faces multiple construction challenges on a land-locked, student-filled campus in an area with a relatively high water level and where remnants of old historical industrial facilities, row houses, and other significant subsurface rubble are present.

Olsson’s new geotechnical office and materials testing laboratory, which opened in Denver in March 2015, provided an overall site investigation including recommendations for earthwork and soil improvements, foundation design, retained and buried structures assessment, and surface water and groundwater studies. Specifically, Olsson’s services on the project included:

  • Conducting an environmental subsurface investigation, which included test pits and soil borings to assess potential environmental impact to the soils and groundwater
  • Analyzing the groundwater for volatile organic compounds and the soil for asbestos
  • Conducting a geotechnical subsurface investigation including soil test borings to report on the soil or rock formations encountered, existing groundwater conditions, and anticipated obstructions
  • Providing recommendations on managing potential groundwater impact during and after construction and the suitability of reusing excavated soils
  • Making recommendations for multiple foundation system approaches for the new building; floor slab subgrade preparation; design criteria for temporary excavation support; and earthwork and soil modification required for the site

Construction began in September 2015. Olsson’s Field Services Practice Group will provide construction observation for soil, concrete, steel, and other structural components as needed. Olsson is also providing environmental oversight and monitoring during the excavation of the underground segments of the construction. Building completion is expected in April 2017. It has been an honor for Olsson Associates to be a part of such a visible and impactful project in downtown Denver.

MSU Aerospace Engineering Building Construction MSU Aerospace Engineering Building Construction



In addition to the work for MSU, Olsson’s Field Services Practice Group office—including our geotechnical, construction testing and inspection, nondestructive testing, and construction management services—has been busy with projects all over the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions including geotechnical, field services, and lab work for several higher education clients; renewable wind energy projects in Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma; and private and retail chain clients across Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

Olsson is able to offer a full range of geotechnical, field, and lab services across a broad geographic region. If you have any questions about how we can help you with your next project, feel free to contact me at 303.237.2072 or jedson@olssonassociates.com.

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