An Olsson Vice President seeks public cffice


It’s a big year for elections, and Mike Lally, a vice president at Olsson Associates, is finding himself in the middle of his own campaign. Mike is embarking on a campaign to run for an open position on the Johnson County, Kansas, Board of Commissioners.

Mike Lally, PE, PG

He is running against three others in the August primary and hopes to make it to the November runoff election.

Mike noted that, if elected, he will continue to work in his current role at Olsson Associates. Serving as a county commissioner is a part-time job, and commissioners have full-time staff members to support them.

“I have always had a great interest in politics and public office,” Mike said, citing his nine years of service as a city councilman in Overland Park. “I’ve stayed active in the community, but, as my children have gotten older, I’ve reached a point where I really want to re-engage. This role would be a great fit for me to help the community.”

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