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Olsson helps bring ultra-fast Internet service to Lincoln

Monday, April 18, 2016

Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

It’s a common issue in many households. One person is on a computer streaming a video, another is on a tablet, and kids are playing a videogame online—all at the same time. The “spinning wheel of death” pops up on the screen indicating an Internet slowdown, and everyone becomes frustrated. This is all changing in Lincoln, Nebraska. ALLO Communications, a Nelnet company that provides TV, phone, and Internet services, announced last fall that they’re bringing ultra-fast Internet to the city. Olsson Associates was chosen to design the fiber that will carry the gigabit broadband service to every home and business in Lincoln. The design will use much of the city’s existing conduit, which makes the project more economical for Lincoln.

“This is a large deployment of fiber to the home, even on a national scale,” said Steve Ingracia, practice group leader for Olsson’s Technology Services. “Olsson is providing design from the central office all the way through the network and to the home itself.”

Gigabit service is 20 times faster than the fastest residential Internet service currently available in Lincoln. If you can imagine downloading a high-definition movie in seven seconds, you get an idea of the kind of speed a gigabit represents. City officials hope the ultra-fast service will put Lincoln on the map to attract new businesses and residents.

Olsson’s  fiber design will also provide ALLO with thorough documentation of the network, allowing for future support and maintenance.

“Olsson is performing the design using a GIS-based [Geographic Information System] platform,” Steve said. “All of their data will be in a live database environment, so if ALLO needs to get from point A to point B in the network, the GIS will automatically plot them a route through the network. It will also help ALLO locate breaks in the fiber, allowing them to minimize network outages. We’re designing them a system that gives them an inherent ability to manage the network when the system is done.”

Installation of the new service is underway in Lincoln. Olsson has been involved with the project since the planning stages. ALLO’s gigabit service will be available to all Lincoln residences and businesses by 2019. Once the service is successfully up and running, Olsson looks to help ALLO expand across Nebraska and into neighboring states.

“We’re developing a strong relationship with ALLO, and Olsson is very excited to play a significant role in this project and to help promote Lincoln’s position nationally through its Internet service,” Steve said.

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